Pay no VAT with design and hosting services from Redcentaur

About Redcentaur

Redcentaur is a design agency specialising in web and print design. We work with small businesses to help them get their message out to prospective customers. We understand that small business owners want to focus on the delivery of their services, not on web development, design or producing marketing materials. That is why we work with our clients to understand their business and their needs; so we can do these tasks for them and produce high-impact, quality designs. Our aim is to give you the best possible design within budget. We are flexible in our approach and easy to talk to - we try our very best not to talk in jargon.

Unlike other similar design companies, we do not tie our clients into our services. For example, if we provide you with web hosting as part of our service, we provide you with full access to your web space and email services; allowing you the flexibility to adapt your site to your needs in the future without the need for us to do it for you.

We are always trying to offer clients great value services while not compromising on quality. That is why when you use Redcentaur, you will pay no VAT. As Redcentaur is a small company, it is below the UK VAT threshold and therefore is not registered for VAT; we are able to pass on that benefit to our clients.

Our services

Our services fall into two main categories: print design and web design. Each of these has elements of graphic design and technical knowledge.

Web design services

We have a full range of web design and development options to suit the needs of every client and every project. We are flexible in our approach and will only offer you the services you need to complete your project. We offer great value on all our services, whether you are just looking for a new web host or for the development of a full e-commerce site.

Print design services

Our print design work covers a full range of marketing materials and business products. We can design logos and marketing messages to go on any product, from bookmarks to wine bottles. We help small businesses keep on top of paperwork by providing template documents for branded business plans, invoices, letterheads, business cards and balance sheets. These products save you time and money year after year.

But our main expertise is getting your message out there to your customers, through adverts, flyers, posters, brochures and other high-impact, attention grabbing marketing materials.

Our services

Redcentaur's services can be split into the following areas: