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Product photography in Farnborough, Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey

photographyWhether you want a web site to promote your business, a product catalogue or a leaflet, the images you use to promote your services are extremely important. Redcentaur uses a professional photographer, who is able to provide high-quality digital photographs. A complete set of images will be provided to you in digital format under a creative commons licence for your own use.

This option is an ideal addition to any of our printed or web-based design projects and ensures that your business and its products are promoted professionally.

A typical photo-shoot will entail a half-day or full-day on site, photographing your products, services, people and/or location. The use of a digital camera ensures that the images taken are suitable and usable as they can be checked for quality immediately. The images are then taken back to the studio, where they are checked for quality, downloaded, touched-up and converted for use.

Product photography is available on location or in a studio, the quote will include this and the price is dependent upon the products and expenses.

Ask for a quote by checking the 'photography' option and providing details.

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