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Maximising the impact of your site

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The service you offer customers extends to your web site. You have a legal obligation to ensure that you have considered accessibility for all within the design and implementation of your web site as much as you have in your shop or office building.

The best way to think about accessibility on your web site is to think of it as a window to your business. You don’t want to shut out some of your potential customers without reason, so you should maximise access to your services for the best impact across all of your potential market.

With web design, you can achieve that by optimising the accessibility of your site. Doing this will improve and enhance the experience for all of your customers and is likely to help drive repeat business because of the ease with which all customers can use your site. It will also assist with your site’s search engine page ranking.

Redcentaur will assess your existing site against current accessibility standards and will provide you with a breakdown of the simple steps that can be taken to improve accessibility by considering your site structure, architecture, design and copy.

If you would like to know more about how to make your website better for your visitors, request a quote today.

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