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Does your site look out of date? Not sure why it is not performing?

Web site consultancyAre you unsure why your site is not performing as well as you expected? There could be a number of reasons for this, from the site structure, design, content or standards compliance. Sometimes, it is worthwhile getting a professional to look critically at what you have and to tell you what needs to be improved to drive sales or to drive customers to your site.

We will ask you what you want to achieve from your site, we’ll look at it in depth and we’ll give you a plain English analysis of what works and what doesn’t work (and where you need to focus your improvements). We’ll give you a simple plan to improve your site and offer you the solutions to help you improve your web site performance. You can then decide whether to ask us to do the work for you or to take the plan to someone else, there is no obligation to buy a redesign from us and we will not tout for business on the back of our report.

Discover how to enhance web site performance today.

What we look at...

Often, a few simple changes to a website can dramatically change its fortunes. These changes are not usually complicated and rarely require the site to be completely rebuilt. Redcentaur will review your site on several levels:

  • Visual identity: we review your site against your objectives to show you why your site is underperforming.
  • Code: we review the code to identify where your site is outdated and fails to meet current standards. We will identify where there are real performance issues. We use a pragmatic approach: we do not identify an issue where non-compliance does not really affect your site's performance.
  • Accessibility standards: to ensure that your site isn't driving customers away through lack of accessibility.
  • Search engine compatibility: we look for reasons your site doesn't perform in search engine rankings.
  • Once this assessment is completed, we send you a report detailing our view of your website and identifying key areas that can be improved.

If you want to discover how to improve your website, contact us.

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