Category: Projects

It can be difficult for a business to get to grips with the technical jargon and decision–making process required for a digital project. We operate project management services for projects and offer consultancy services to clients who want to manage their projects with other agencies.

In a nutshell…

We know some clients feel daunted by the possibility of starting a digital project, whether a design project or a development project. That is especially true when the contractor is a technical expert and will probably use knowledge, some of which might be perplexing.

You might be concerned that your expert contractor is pulling the wool over your eyes, or that the project is poorly specified, or that scope creep and additional costs are possible. These are concerns for any project; web projects, in particular, can suffer, especially if the client is poorly informed. These concerns reduce down to three fundamental questions:

  • Am I going to get what I wanted?
  • Is the project going to finish on time?
  • Is the project going to be on budget?

Those three questions cover every issue a client has with a web project, from the specification to the cost of scope creep.

We understand these concerns. Before seeking our help, clients have procrastinated and shelved projects indefinitely because of them. We hate to see our clients’ goals and ambitions put on hold because of a fear of handing control over without clear insight into the situation.

We can help you become a great client for your developer. Using our industry insight, you can better understand your project, keeping it on track and budget. We can assist you with: 

  • accurately specifying your project; 
  • tendering; 
  • understanding technical issues; 
  • answering technical questions; and,
  • meeting your obligations to support your project.

Through this work, we can help you get the most from your project.

While we cannot guarantee that every project will deliver on time and to budget, our work will help to ensure a project remains on track and within the cost by helping you bridge the gaps between you as the client and the developer as the contractor.

Project consultancy

We help our clients consider the scope and specification, go to tender, and work with a contractor on an existing project. Our project consultancy helps clients achieve the best from your project. We work with clients to understand the work of their contractors.

Project management

We use a strong project management ethos when delivering projects for you. Our project management processes are collaborative and flexible. They offer you the ability to drive the focus of the project throughout and change priorities as necessary.