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What is domain registration Autorenew?

When you register a domain name, you purchase the domain name for a limited period of time. At the expiry date, the domain is de-registered and returns to availability for another registrant to use.

However, as a domain owner, you have the right to renew an existing registered domain before its expiry and maintain your ownership of the domain name indefinitely, provided you continue to renew your registration, keep your records up to date and accurate, and pay your renewal fees on time.

Autorenewal is a facility that enables you to automatically renew your domain names before they expire (assuming you have paid your registration fees, etc.). Within a few days of the expiry date, the registry will extend your registration period. When this happens depends on the period for autorenew that the registry sets. You are also able to change your autorenew settings within a specified period of time before a domain is due to expire; this can be up to expiry (i.e., 0 days), or any period prior to that date. Check the details for your registry.

If you have autorenew set and your domain is renewed, you are responsible for all charges attributed to the renewal of your domain. Once a domain has been renewed, the renewal cannot be reversed and liability for all charges falls to the owner.

If you currently have autorenew set and you want your domain to expire, you can change your autorenew settings. As long as you turn off the autorenew facility before the change period ends, your domain will be left to expire once your registration period has ended.