Hosting services

Sally Scarlett needed help understanding how to set up digital services for her new business and asked us for assistance.

Project details

Client: Sally Scarlett Associates
Project: Hosting services
Date: 15 Aug 2010


Sally Scarlett Associates was a start–up that required some technical assistance and support to develop its online needs. Redcentaur was happy to provide technical support to Sally, and to advise on how to obtain email and other start–up technical needs specific to her business.

Our solution

In collaboration with Sally, we arrived at the most appropriate domain name for her business and advised on the associated domains that would be useful for her to secure. We registered the domain names that she wanted on her behalf, and provided Sally Scarlett Associates with a web presence and set up email accounts for the business on our servers.

We gave Sally Scarlett Associates help documents and written instructions to use the hosting facilities, log–in details and domain registration details. This included access to a dedicated control panel where the company could self–manage the domain registrations, if they chose.

Further personal assistance was given to set up email accounts, etc. using the client’s email program, and telephone guidance in using the webmail facility that came with our hosting account.

Additionally, we provided a basic filestore facility for the company’s web server, to provide a solution to a very specific problem that Sally was experiencing at the time, where she worked in several locations and needed access to the same files in each, before Dropbox® became a thing.


Sally Scarlett Associates has successfully used Redcentaur’s hosting services for many years and continues to be satisfied with the level of service and support provided.

Redcentaur takes the time to explain and discuss solutions with the client and this has benefited Sally during the period of setting up her business.


As Sally’s business was a new start–up, it was challenging in the initial stages to understand what long–term needs Sally would have. So we built our solutions with expansion in mind and offered solutions to meet current and potential future issues.

Impacts of the project

We worked with Sally to clearly understand her needs, ensuring that the technology and solutions we proposed were suitable and useful to her. It is always great to work with clients with whom we are able to build mutual trust and support, so that we can better help that client to meet their goals.

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