Web site development

The owner of Montezone UK asked us to build a web site for his new business. The web site had to meet a specific timescale for publication to align with the client’s business objectives.

Project details

Client: Montezone UK
Project: Web site development
Date: 04 Apr 2011


Montezone UK was a new business for which we had recently designed a logo. The owner approached us to build his web site, which had to:

  • be unique and distinct from its competitors;
  • have a clean design;
  • utilise the latest web standards and technologies to provide design flourishes; and, 
  • present a catalogue facility for Montezone UK’s product catalogue.

Our solution

Having researched Montezone UK’s direct competitors before Montezone came to market, we concluded that there were a few areas where we could achieve the maximum impact:

  • having a single, unique brand identity across the whole web site and reflected in printed materials;
  • utilising well–composed, high–density images;
  • fast–loading;
  • easy to use and navigate;
  • SEO–friendly;
  • maximising colour saturation;
  • creating high impact through simple, unique design techniques;
  • using the latest techniques for subtle transparencies and unusual typography.

With these factors in mind, we decided to build a unique PHP web site using the native PHP language rather than a library, with a well–crafted database to enable fast searching and retrieval. So we could meet the limited timeframe available, we used direct PHP functions with the most populous version at the time.

We intended the web site would provide enough time to reconfigure the codebase later. That afforded us the possibility to use new features of CSS 3 and HTML while they were still in development because we could update the code later.


We launched the site on time and within budget.

From its beginning, the web site drew attention from the target audience, who were warm and enthusiastic towards its look, feel, performance and impact. Feedback from users suggested it succeeded in its uniqueness. And analytical data proved that it performed exceptionally well in search engine results and with user statistics.

Because of its built–in Search Engine Optimisation, the site quickly outstripped its competitors on all of its key search terms and appeared at the top of the first page of results for every keyword.

The site made exceptional use of images. The images on the site were sharp, focussed, high–quality, high–density images with unique elements that made the images part of the brand.


It was a challenge to meet the client’s deadline for the launch of his business. However, with good communication, participation and collaboration, we completed the project on time and budget.

Impacts of the project

The web site we developed was crucial to the success of our client’s business. The principles we used to create the web site were critical factors in its success; particularly, the methods we used to differentiate it from its nearest competitors. The usage data and performance metrics we used to assess its success all proved it achieved its objectives.

The site outperformed its objectives. Not only were user statistics showing growth, and search engine metrics showed the web site was in prime position on its keywords, but also it outlasted its expected life. We intended the site to be replaced with an updated version when the PHP became outdated. In truth, the web site was in use for many years. It was eventually sold, along with its branding and mark, to a new owner.

PDF download

You can download a copy of this case study for your reference here (downloads a PDF file of this case study to your computer) .

Project images

Montezone UK web site (desktop)
Montezone UK web site (desktop)
Montezone UK web site (tablet)
Montezone UK web site (tablet)
Montezone UK web site (smartphone)
Montezone UK web site (smartphone)