Hosting and maintenance services

Montezone UK asked us to provide hosting for the new web site we developed for them. The service involved hosting the web site on our servers, maintenance, and domain registration.

Project details

Client: Montezone UK
Project: Hosting and maintenance services
Date: 20 May 2020


We provided an end–to–end, hassle–free service. We built the web site, registered the domain name and hosted the site for our client. Additionally, we undertook essential regular maintenance on the server and codebase to keep the web site performing well. Maintenance included: 

  • general cleaning of the server and database; 
  • updating the codebase to comply with changing standards; and, 
  • ensuring the site remained secure.

We provided hosting, registration and maintenance services throughout the client’s ownership of the business. In 2020, another company bought the rights to Montezone UK, at which point we assisted with the transfer of ownership and movement to new servers.

Our solution

We built a new web site for Montezone. The domain name needed registration, and the client did not have an independent hosting provider. The client was concerned with the hassle of finding a suitable host for the web site and was unclear how to register a domain name: these things are far outside the comfort zone for many busy people.

We offered Montezone our shared hosting services and domain registration. When the client compared our prices to the rest of the market, they found us very competitive and took our services.


Throughout the time Montezone’s web site was hosted with us, there were no major security issues. The web site continued to perform exceptionally well in search engines and with site speed. Partially, the performance was because of the continuous maintenance regime, which resulted in incremental improvements over time.


There is always a challenge to keep a service running daily. It was useful we knew the web site’s codebase and understood where that codebase needed updating to continue working with each server upgrade. Otherwise, the hosting and maintenance regime were regular tasks we perform daily for our clients.

Impacts of the project

Our hosting of Montezone’s web site enabled the client to concentrate on more important business matters while the owner was setting up a new business.

Our servers and maintenance activity managed the web site behind the scenes, keeping its outstanding performance in search engines. Throughout our hosting and web site management, the web site maintained the first position for each of the keywords it contested.

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